Bridge1 I offer confidential counselling and psychotherapy treatment for individuals and couples, either short-term or over a longer period. I am flexible and collaborative in setting goals with each new client, according to their needs and priorities.

I can help you develop ways to relate better with others, make decisions about your life direction, and regulate your emotions in stressful situations. I assist people with specific mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, to learn to manage these better. I also offer solution-focused and cognitive-behaviour therapy when appropriate.

I see many clients who struggle with the after-effects of trauma, supporting them to resolve their feelings, make sense of their experience, and deal with their symptoms more effectively. I am trained and experienced in helping those who’ve suffered complex trauma in childhood, including sexual, emotional or physical abuse. I offer safety, understanding and creative ways forward to regulate difficult emotions and heal the sense of self.

My practice involves both verbal and experiential therapy, depending on the needs of the client. I use various techniques to help clients explore, process and make sense of their feelings and thoughts. I am experienced in the use of somatic processing, emotion-focused therapy and therapeutic touch in psychotherapy, and may incorporate these methods if appropriate, in consultation with the client.

I respect the worth of all individuals, regardless of gender identity, cultural background or sexual orientation.




I offer supervision to somatic psychotherapists, and others who wish to include an awareness of bodily and affective experience in their work with clients. I am informed by the principles of Self Psychology and Intersubjectivity theory, and incorporate these in my work as a supervisor, as well as in my practice with clients.